How can I listen to podcasts on Android?

To listen to podcasts on your Android phone, follow these steps: 

1) Download a Podcast App

First, you need to download a podcast app. Open up the Google Play Store and search for a Podcast player app. There are numerous podcast apps out there, some of there are: Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, PocketCasts

2) Search for a Podcast

If you already know the name of a podcast you want to listen to, use the search button in the main menu of your app and type the name podcast in the box. Most apps will automatically show you the best result. And since you’re here, try searching for one of Sowt’s podcasts

3) Browse the Catalogue

If you're not sure what you're looking for, all podcasting apps provide a place to browse the all available podcasts. Most of them also give recommendations, show you what's trending, and also let you look by whatever topic interests you. Have fun exploring!

4) Subscribe and Listen

When you find a show that you’d like to listen to, scroll through and pick an episode to listen to. If you’d like to stay updated on all the new episodes from your favorite show, all podcast apps either have a "subscribe" or "follow" feature. Click it to automatically receive new episodes of the show to your phone when they are published.