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Sowt is constantly looking for VO specialists. If you’re interested in working with us, you can apply through info[at]sowt[dot]com and we will keep your application on file.
Podcasts are audio programs that you can access at any time from your phone or computer. You can learn more about them and even how to produce one on our show ‘Kawalees Sowt’.
Sowt is a podcasting platform that produces and distributes high-quality Arabic audio content. Read more through the 'Services' page.
Sowt produces a number of different podcasts on a variety of topics including social issues, politics, music, and sports. You can find our shows through the "Podcasts" page.
You can find our podcasts here on the website. You also have the option to be redirected to listen on a variety of listening platforms (Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, etc..). You can also search “Sowt” or the name of the podcast you’d like to listen to on your favorite podcast app.
If you have a podcast idea you’d like to work on with us, share an explanatory, 1-page or more summary that clarifies the fundamental idea of the show and what you’d want it to look like. The pitch should include the main elements of the show, clarify why it’s an important or new idea, and include some episode ideas. Send your pitch to info[at]sowt[dot]com.
You can contact us through info[at]sowt[dot]com
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Email us at info[at]sowt[dot]com. Or contact us on our social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.