Announcing Sowt+, a membership program

By Ramsey Tesdell 

At Sowt, we’ve been working diligently to create the best Arabic, digital audio content possible. Our chart topping shows - EibDom TakAlmostajadMahdoomHarrerMasaha - critically engage important topics while being intelligent and engaging.

Currently, Sowt is funded by a combination of service contracts, commissions from media companies, and project funding mostly from civil society organizations. As we expand our production and our reach, it requires a more diverse business plan and revenue generation. 

As such, we are very excited to announce a new membership program, called Sowt+ (plus). Sowt+ aims to provide an avenue of financial support for Sowt through your financial contributions, as well as create a community where we connect and share the great content that brings us together. 

We hope you’ll consider joining. We’re creating a private group for members to have access to the community we are building, so if you enjoy chatting, batting around ideas, we hope you join Sowt+

We love being a part of the wider regional community, working together from First circle, Jabal Amman, the rural villages of Palestine, to the skyscrapers of Dubai, and the streets of Riyadh. Being rooted in community is key to our mutual success. 

As we grow our content offering, growing our business and working with more partners and clients, Sowt is changing. We are in strange times financially as well as personally, as journalists, producers and editors scramble to protect themselves and their families, while they continue to produce critical content from their homes. 

Over the next 3 months, we will be rolling out different options and levels for Sowt+ memberships. We need to generate revenue from our shows, yet ensure and maintain the wide availability of our content across platforms and geographies, while not compromising listeners’ experience or our independence. 

We’re excited to grow together.