About Sowt

Our Story

Sowt is a podcasting platform which produces and distributes high-quality audio programs in Arabic, with the goal of creating an environment in which dialogue on and discussion of topics important and sensitive to the Arab listener around the world is the norm.  

We are committed to producing audio content, in Arabic, that is of the highest caliber. In addition to the aforementioned goal of creating content that discusses issues close to the Arab world, we also care deeply about using sound production to create a backdrop against which our listeners are able to consider and explore principles of equality, diversity, and human rights.

Sowt is based in Jordan’s capital city, Amman. The platform was originally established in 2016 by Hazem and Tareq Zureikat and Ramsey Tesdell as a podcasting company. It was formally expanded into a platform in 2017.

Our Services

At Sowt, we work with podcasts at several levels: 

Audio Production:

  • Conducting interviews
  • Script writing
  • Editing
  • Technical production and sound design


Content Management and Distribution of Audio Programming: 

  • Podcast publication on a variety of platforms
  • Digital promotion of content via short videos 
  • Repurposing of audio content for distribution on social media 


Training in Audio Production and Storytelling


Studio Renting and Recording Services 
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In order to connect with us about our services, please visit  the “Contact Us” link (located at the bottom of this page).

Organizations we worked with

UNFPA Jordan