We're a leading independent podcast production company in MENA, producing over 25 shows as originals in various topics and categories

The Parliament | البرلمان
5 seasons 66 episodes

Covering political and social issues in Jordan

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Dom Tak | دُمْ تَكْ
6 seasons 71 episodes

Stories from the music world

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Harrer | حرِّر
3 seasons 53 episodes

A critical look into media and journalism

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Sharayet | شرايط
5 seasons 30 episodes

Syria, narrated by Syrians

Almostajad | المُستجَد
5 seasons 126 episodes

A deep dive into the latest headlines

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BULAQ | بولاق
4 seasons 106 episodes

Contemporary writing from and about the Middle East and North Africa

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Blank Maps | خرائط اللامكان
2 seasons 18 episodes

On home and belonging, and everything in between

Nafas | نَفَس
1 season 9 episodes

An experimental space brewing sounds

Masaha | مساحة
2 seasons 27 episodes

Pressing issues in the region from a feminist lens

مد وجزر | Mad wa Jazr
2 seasons 25 episodes

Interacting with the rise and fall of environmental challenges

Indymedia | إندِميديا
1 season 9 episodes

Monitoring the independent* media landscape in the region

Matryoshka | ماتريوشكا
2 seasons 23 episodes

Visiting the worlds of the unknown