Executive Producer


We are looking to hire an Executive Producer to lead Sowt’s next big push and produce multiple original shows and for clients, including creative drama series, investigations and a new news show. 


This position will play a leading role in our work and the future direction of the organization. The ideal candidate would have experience in audio/video, script writing, be excited about producing innovative digital audio storytelling. 


This is a senior level position for those with significant experience (10 + years) of production, video, production and/or audio. The EP will report to the executive director and manage a team of roughly 6-8 producers, senior producers and sound designers. 


We are less interested in experience and degrees and more interested in a proven ability and a drive to create the best digital Arabic audio content possible. We work with a number of partners and organizations and often need to juggle multiple projects.  


Specifically, the Executive Producer would need to have the following qualifications, centered around the following containers:

  • Editorial - produce compelling texts and scripts (Required)
    • Script writing, ninja editor, and excellent story sniffer
    • Manage the production process of multiple shows, working with multiple talents
    • Work with journalists in their natural habitat
    • Review and workshop shows, ideas and concepts with a growing number of external clients and projects
    • Work in both Arabic and English


  • Human - be able to work closely with an eclectic group of humans (Required) 
    • Lead a growing team of 12+ full time employees and hundreds of freelancers
    • Have a large existing network of journalists and producers in the region 
    • Manage multiple sound engineers 
    • Manage production schedules and budgets in coordination with the program manager 
    • Juggle GSuite, Trello, email, Slack, Whatsapp and whatev new tools will exist 


  • Production (Required)
    • Know your way around Audition/Pro Tools/Logic Pro
    • Work with microphones, mixers and general studio equipment


Location: The ideal location would be our recently expanded office in Amman, Jordan. For the exceptional candidate, we’ll consider remote work. 

To apply, send a CV and letter of interest to: ramsey[at]sowt[dot]com