The Revolution While Dreaming

About Episode

We talk about a newly released collection of five compelling and highly quotable interviews with the great late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, titled Palestine as Metaphor, translated by Amira El-Zein and Carolyn Forché. We also talk about recent protests in Lebanon and how they are being written about in Lebanese and international media, as well as the frightening day when the independent Egyptian news site Mada Masr’s officeswere raided and editors detained. (All of Mada’s staff has now been released). This episode was partly recorded and produced in the offices of the Sowt network.SHOW NOTES The Great Lebanese Ponzi Scheme by Lina Mounzer The Lebanese Street Asks: ‘Which Is Stronger, Sect or Hunger?’ by Ursula Lindsey On Power, Machines, and Departures: Running Mada Masr in Today’s Egypt by Lina Attalah. A few things you might like to know about us, by Lina Attalah Palestine as Metaphorby Mahmoud Darwish, tr. Amira El-Zein and Carolyn ForchéPalestine as Metaphor By Mahmoud Darwish In the Presence of Absence By Mahmoud Darwish Memory for Forgetfulness: August, Beirut, 1982 (Literature of the Middle East) By Mahmoud Darwish Permalink