Sowt and Kiri Arabia partner to produce ‘Maida’

Amman, Jordan - Leading Arabic podcast network, Sowt, Zenith Media, Next Broadcast and Kiri Arabia are partnering to produce a podcast about kindness, food and family. Inspired by mothers, whose success and continuous giving leave everyone in awe. To the mothers that take action, and lead their families and communities with kindness, we present the ‘Maida’ podcast.

“Kiri is happy to join the Podcast community and provide a space where we can empower and put forward the voice of moms! With Kiri's New Kindness Equity we are excited to bring to life the Maida Podcast, a platform that will leave the progressive mum feeling inspired, with purpose, and driven to BE KIND! With us on this journey our host, Dr. Mai Hakeem, a progressive mum, will help us pave the way and lead the discussions on relatable & substantial topics highlighting the inspiring yet complex nature of the progressive mom,” said a spokesperson from Kiri Arabia

‘Maida’ is a 10 episode podcast for the progressive and modern Arab mother. Mother, dentist, decluttering consultant, and social media personality, Dr Mai Hakeem will take the audience on a new 5 minute journey every week in a relaxed Saudi dialect.

“We are excited about this project with Kiri as connecting with progressive moms out there is something we hope for at Sowt. High-quality audio content that encourages kindness is always needed especially in the uncertain world of today” Maida podcast producer, Zaid Bawab

Each episode discusses different issues that mothers face ranging from motherhood, work-life balance, to raising children, and even cooking! It’s meant to encourage mothers to own their individuality and uniqueness in motherhood, and find strength in kindness.

Maida is the table on which families share their meals and make new memories. The Maida podcast emulates this feeling, sharing thoughts and providing creative ideas for family management. 

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, Castbox and Deezer

About Kiri Arabia

Kiri has been a part of homes in the Middle East for 49 years now, producing a range of spreadable and block cheeses, with over 3 million square portions consumed everyday. Kiri products and recipes keep the whole family in mind, for delicious dishes and memories. 

About Sowt

Sowt is a leading independent podcast production company in MENA,  producing over 25 shows as originals, fully owned and produced by Sowt. We also work with brands and clients on white-label through Sowt Studios. Our network of partners include regional media outlets and international organizations to promote social, economic, and gender equality. 

About Next Broadcast Media 

Next Broadcast Media is MENA’s largest digital audio marketplace with more than 300 Mio Unique Listeners globally. They deliver top-performing audio ads within premium content via programmatic and they facilitate the production of branded shows and podcasts sponsorship.