Ramadan with Sowt

Ramadan Kareem! This year, we’re bringing you a variety of new Sowt episodes to accompany you during the month of Ramadan. Whether you’re cooking your Iftar, preparing for your afternoon nap, or driving home during rush hour, get ready to dip into history, learn about your favorite dishes, meet new alternative artists, or lose yourself in a true crime show.


The new season of Mahdoom brings you stories about halal trucks in New York, the story of Albaik, one of the most well-known fast food restaurants in Saudi Arabia, the experience of aircraft food, and Indian and Pakistani influences on street food in the Arab Gulf countries.

Dom Tak

In a new season of Dom Tak, we meet a pioneering alternative artist in every episode, and we talk to Molotof, El Far3i, and Abo Sahar, among others.


We’re launching a new true crime podcast this month. In its first season, Egyptian journalist Ahmed Ragab follows the lives of four characters in an attempt to understand what happened on a hot summer day in July 2018, when Anba Epiphanius was found dead in the church he heads north of Egypt.

Ezzan Aezae

Mohamed Helmy returns for a new season of short and light Ramadan episodes about daily habits of life in Egypt.


In a new partnership between Sowt and Wikimedia, we’re proud to bring you a new season of Manbet with Bisher Najjar exploring topics like the history of Sufism, the life of Native Americans, and humans’ ancient dream of flying, and many more.


The ninth season of Eib is dedicated to issues related to the Arab family and its impact in our lives and future paths. We explore topics such as the sacred nature of the concept of family and the dynamics of large families, among others.

Stay tuned for new, weekly episodes of Almostajad, Harrer, Sharayet and Tiki Taka during the month of Ramadan.