Marketing Manager

Sowt is looking for a Marketing Manager to lead the strategy, development, and implementation of marketing campaigns for Sowt and its shows and products to join our team as a full-time team member. The ideal candidate will have strong experience in digital, brand, and product marketing.  

Sowt Podcasts is a leading media company in MENA/SWANA producing original podcasts and digital audio, including for a range of international and regional clients.  

As our project load and reach have grown, we are expanding our team to build expertise in specific skill areas and skillsets, including marketing, outreach, and PR.

We are less interested in degrees and certificates and more interested in a proven ability/experience and a drive to have the best marketing. We work with a number of partners and organizations and often need to juggle multiple high-intensity projects. We expect the person to be critical, well-rounded, creative, analytical, agile, and able to understand nuance.


  • Full (writing, reading, and spoken) fluency in ARABIC and ENGLISH is required
  • 5 - 8 years of experience (preferably in a related field)
  • Good communication skills, organized, charismatic (able to run a team), motivated, curious, and energetic
  • Juggle GSuite, email, Slack, Whatsapp, and whatever new tools will exist
  • Knowledge of social media platforms
  • Knowledge in analytics, A/B testing
  • Knowledge of podcasting, digital audio, media 
  • Creative Content Development
  • Knowledge in Photoshop and Illustrator

Marketing Manager Responsibilities

Core responsibilities

  • Oversee the planning and implementation of marketing strategies engaging relevant staff across departments, including social media, media coverage, and advertising campaigns 
  • Expand Sowt’s audience and listens
  • Perform market research for new opportunities, analyze market trends, and conduct competitor research
  • Communicate and coordinate with Publishing, Editorial, and Programs to ensure onpoint implementation
  • Manage creative team and provide directions
  • Communicate with clients to develop designs and marketing content
  • Lead work from concept to final execution within the deadline
  • Working with graphic designers, lead all Sowt’s creative design, visual identity, and its products, including:
    • Visuals for new/existing podcast
    • Visuals for podcasts for clients 
    • Subscription products, Sowt+, Safahat
    • Other products Sowt creates 
    • Manage the website
  • Work as a team with Publishing, Editorial, Business Development, and any other relevant departments or freelancers to ensure efficiency and consistency of the work 

Secondary responsibilities

  • Understand marketing initiatives, strategic positioning, and target audience for podcasting in particular
  • Ensure consistency in design across all the online and offline marketing channels
  • Communicate with producers to work on branding and visual identities as needed
  • Stay on top of all trends and maintain best practices
  • Train and give feedback to the creative team 


  • Be able to work closely with an eclectic group of humans
  • Work as a part of a team and a variety of external partners and clients

For the interested candidate, please fill out the application with a short cover letter and a link to your CV. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

We offer a progressive HR policy, generous holiday/vacay, paid health insurance, and remote and flexible work arrangements. (The way things should be.) Salary will be based on the internal salary scale and experience.

About Sowt

Sowt is a leading digital audio network in MENA, producing high-quality, narrative-driven audio content for Arabic-speaking audiences. Sowt means ‘voice’ or ‘sound’ in Arabic. 

Sowt Originals - including Eib, Domtak, Masaha, and Manbet -  have been featured in international media and have topped the Apple Podcasts charts and been selected as Editor’s Choice by Apple Podcast. Through Sowt Studios, we produce digital audio for clients that have also reached the top ranking on Apple Podcasts. 

Sowt has 20 full-time team members consisting of senior producers, producers, sound engineers, journalists, and editors working together with freelancers to produce content. 

Since its launch in 2017, Sowt has produced 25 shows and thousands of episodes.