Sowt Team

Saleem Salameh

Podcast Creator

A writer, filmmaker and podcaster. Saleem's work engages with moments in everyday life while exploring questions around equality and justice, women empowerment, art and culture, the human face and body, sexuality and gender, social restrictions and interpersonal relationships.

His films and artworks have been screened and exhibited at local and international film festivals and museums. And his first short film as a writer won the jury prize at the Franco Arab Film Festival, 2015.

After moving to Amsterdam in 2018, Saleem started working as a Film and Podcast Trainer with newcomers and migrants in the Netherlands and Germany and with human rights activists from the Balkan countries as part of "Youth Artivists for Change" project.

In 2019, Saleem joined Sowt and began working on the fifth season of "Eib" and he's currently part of the team as a Podcast Creator.

Saleem holds a BA in Digital Filmmaking from SAE Institute and is currently pursuing an MA in Virtual Reality Cinema at Middlesex University - SAE Institute in the United Kingdom.