Noir Is The New Black

عن الحلقة

In which Marcia talks about her difficulties being interviewed; we discuss genre (sci-fi, fantasy, and especially noir) writing in Arabic; and we question whether translation into English “empowers” women writers from the Arab region.Show notes
The Asymptote interview with MLQ, conducted by Claire Jacobson.
On voices at various margins:Midaq Alley, by Naguib Mahfouz (recently re-translated by Humphrey Davies); Kamal Ruhayyim’s Muslim Jew trilogy(tr. Sarah Enany); the film Marock;  The Othersby Seba al-Herz.
There is a video of AdamTalib's talk "Translating for Bigots" on YouTube:
Baghdad Noir, ed. Samuel Shimon, is forthcoming from Akashic Books later this year. You can already get Tehran Noir, ed. Salar Abdoh, who has a story called “Baghdad on Borrowed Time” in Baghdad Noir.
More on noir: The Thief and the Dogs, Naguib Mahfouz, tr. M.M. Badawi and Trevor Le Gassick, revised by John Rodenbeck; Vertigoby Ahmed Mourad, tr. Robin Moger; Metro, by Magdy Shafie, tr. Chip Rossetti; the noir of Algerian-French author Jérémie Guez; Apartment at Bab el-Louk, by Donia Maher, ill. Ganzeer and Ahmed Nady, tr. Elisabeth Jaquette; the films The Nile Hilton Incidentand Casanegra; Abdelilah Hamdouchi’s detective series, published by Hoopoe.
You can also listen to Jonathan Guyer’s The Strange Case of the Arabic Whodunniton BBC4.
Iraq + 100, ed. Hassan Blasim, is available from Comma Press in the UK and Tor in the US.
“Saudi discovers science fiction” or “L'Arabie saoudite découvre la science-fiction” appears on Orient XXI.
See more about Osama Al Muslim’s Basateen Arabistanat GoodReads.
The novel HWJN,by Yasser Bahjat and Ibrahim Abbas, is available in English and Arabic.
You can read Maysaa Alamoudi’s Mimosa in Arabic.