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عن الحلقة

In which we discuss the fictional underworlds of Rabee Jaber and other Lebanese novelists; and explore Saudi poetry, from a new translation of a famous pre-Islamic collection to the satirical poems of “a grumpy old man” in the Najd in the 18th century. At this time when women are denouncing male abuses of power the world over, we look at two Moroccan female writers who are critical of their societies and who face the question of how their work is received and represented at home and abroad. Asma Lamrabet proposes a progressive feminist re-reading of the Quran; Leila Slimani is an award-winning novelist who has written a book on “sexual misery” in Morocco.  

Show notes:

Books mentioned in this podcast: The Mehlis Report $9.31 By Rabee Jaber Confessions $10.53 By Rabee Jaber Limbo Beirut (Emerging Voices from the Middle East) $14.95 By Hilal Chouman Arabian Satire: Poetry from 18th-Century Najd (Library of Arabic Literature) $35.00 NYU Press The Perfect Nanny: A Novel $12.78 By Leila Slimani Veil (Object Lessons) $14.95 By Rafia Zakaria Woman at Point Zero $11.65 By Nawal El Saadawi Memoirs of a Woman Doctor $11.42 By Nawal El Saadawi