Interview with Ganzeer

عن الحلقة

This week we talk to an old Cairo friend, acclaimed Egyptian artist Ganzeer, about art, propaganda, publishing and how much damn work it is to put out a graphic novel. Show notes

The work of artist and writer Ganzeer can be found at,, and You can sign up for his newsletter at restrictedfrequency.comand follow his YouTube channel, Ganzeer Says. 

The first four chapters of The Solar Gridare available for download at, and his earlier collaboration, The Apartment at Bab El-Louk(written by Donia Maher, co-illustrated by Ahmed Nady, translated by Elisabeth Jaquette), is available from Darf Publishers and online.

The new Epic of Gilgameshgraphic novel was translated by Kent Dixon and illustrated by Kevin Dixon.

The Rusumat comix platform, featuring works in Arabic and in English, is at

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